How I can help

We all want to work in organisations where we can bring our best self to work. My work focuses on getting that balance between developing the individual and developing the organisation. Our goal is to do both in a sustainable way.

How I can help?

Trainer, Facilitator, Public Speaker, Strategist, Coach and Mentor. My interests have always been in the field of organisational and employee development. I offer a range of workshops, reviews, assessments, coaching and mentoring, and strategy design in the following key areas:

Change Management

Often change doesn’t seem to deliver the benefits that were hoped for and the research consistently tells us that two thirds of change efforts fail to produce their business benefit. I have vast experience ensuring that change programmes shift from installation to embedding the change, so talk to me about the “Organisation and Change Readiness Assessment” and my “Change Leader by Design” workshop and coaching Programme.


Whether you measure it formally or not, through a survey or other process Engagement exists as a concept. The hardest part of any staff engagement or satisfaction survey is turning the results and insight into action. I have spearheaded some of the largest employee surveys in New Zealand (with one involving 12,000 staff) and have shown the organisations how to translate their results into action. Talk to me about my “Engagement in Action” workshop series or “Insight to Action” Executive Planning Sessions.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

I can provide one-on-one executive coaching and mentoring packages for new and experienced leaders  who want to grow and develop their leadership and professional skills. 

In addition I support HR professionals who want to develop further their skills and careers.
The “Deep Dive HR Practitioner” mentoring package is designed for those HR practitioners who want to grow and develop their capability and skills in the Human Resource profession.

Organisation Design

Organisation Design is difficult and involves much more than changing an organisation’s wiring diagram. With extensive experience working with organisations in various sectors I can help guide you through the process from the initial identification of needs through to full implementation of the solution, to ensure you get the structure that is best for you and your organisation. Ask me about the “Organisation Design that Sticks” process.

Culture Change

Culture Change is hard and the road to successful culture change is often littered with barriers.  Culture is fundamentally a question of alignment and the consistent application of organisational values. We know from experience that no matter how rational the changes and how consistent the messages, many changes run aground on the rocks of cultural misalignment. I use a Culture Change framework and  process for helping organisations understand the current state, identifying the gaps between their current culture and future culture and working with them to develop a roadmap for change and developing your Values champions.  The key success factor for culture change is in ensuring you manage to anchor the change in the various part of your organisations machinery and architecture.  

Ask me about the “Culture by Design Roadmap” and “Values Champion Workshop” and how to use the “Embedding Culture Change Pryamid”

Human Resource Reviews and Audits

Executive Teams and leaders of the Human Resource function often ask the question “What is working well and what could we do better?” Based on international audit processes, modified for the New Zealand environment, I have developed a four stage process of information gathering, evaluation, analysis and action planning. Whether you have a Human Resource team of one, or three hundred the “People Function Assessment” process is relevant to you.

Talent Management

Ever since Steve Hankin coined the phrase “War for Talent” in 1997, organisations have been struggling to develop a process that ensures they understand what the key drivers for talent management in an objective and practical way. With a process based on my award winning work at New Zealand Police and my pioneering work developing talent at the Leadership Development Centre, I can design a tailor made talent management programme that is objective, practical and fit for your organisation. Find our more about the “Talent by Design” process.

Diversity and Inclusion

How do we develop an organisation that reflects the community we operate in and how do we make all our staff feel included and important? This is the one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. My experience in this area shows that a working solution is hard and takes time and commitment. Work with me on my “Diversity and Inclusion Strategy – from planning to action” development process.

Team Building

Teams are the building blocks of organisational performance and leaders and leaders are the catalyst of that performance. I have worked with leaders and teams to help make them happy, healthy and high performing.  From developing Team Charters with groups to running team building workshops and developing leaders using a range of tools such as MBTI, Belbin Team Types and CultureTalk.