Building Engagement

Whether you measure it formally or not, through a survey or other process Engagement exists as a concept. The hardest part of any staff engagement or satisfaction survey is turning the results and insight into action. I have spearheaded some of the largest employee surveys in New Zealand (with one involving 12,000 staff) and have shown the organisations how to translate their results into action. Talk to me about my “Engagement in Action” workshop series or “Insight to Action” Executive Planning Sessions.

I have worked with a lot of organisations on their engagement strategies over the years, using a range of different diagnostics and surveys.

What has struck me is the great difficulty organisations have in translating the data and insights they gain from a survey into a sustained programme of work that results in people giving their best at work all the time.

Nobody comes to work to be “disengaged“ or unhappy.  I have always believed that people genuinely want to do their best, it is just that sometimes leaders and organisations unintentionally conspire to make that difficult.

We have all seen “Engagement Action Plans” developed yet often little has changed when the next survey comes around and leaders are often puzzled about why that is.

One of the great truths about engagement is that it is hard to be “more engaged than your boss”.  That is why I have developed my “Engagement into Action” workshop series.  If you genuinely want to raise your levels of engagement, everyone from the Executive to Frontline Leaders need to understand the key drivers and commit to action.  Work with me to translate your insights into actions and align your people infrastructure to enable engagement to flourish.

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