Change Management

Managing and sustaining successful change

Often change doesn’t seem to deliver the benefits that were hoped for and the research consistently tells us that two thirds of change efforts fail to produce their business benefit. I have extensive experience  managing and sustaining successful change in organisations.  With insights from multiple organisations and proven processes I can help your change programme shift from installation to embedding the change.

We know that successful change has four key elements for success;

  1. Pressure for change – a reason for taking the necessary steps to do things differently
  2. A clear shared vision – of what success looks like and the ability to paint a picture of the future
  3. Capacity – to deploy the right resources at the right time to make change work
  4. Capability – the right skills in your sponsors, change agents and “targets” of change to deliver on your plan.
  5. Actionable first steps – a change journey plan that gives you sufficient detail to know what steps you need to take to deliver successful change.

From conducting diagnostics to determining the risk factors in your change programme through to developing strategies and change plans, training your change sponsors and staff to change implementation and setting up your Change Management Office.

So talk to me about the “Organisation and Change Readiness Assessment” and my “Change Leader by Design” workshop and coaching Programme.