About Alan Cassidy

I’m Alan Cassidy and I help organisations and individuals make change successful and sustainable.

Change often starts with the individual and the individual leader.  I help individuals lead the change that matters in their organisation.  

From the smallest of organisations to the largest, from the voluntary sector to the private sector, I know what works to make change stick.  I know how to work with the culture of the organisation to achieve the change outcomes you need.  The experience of working in a diverse range of organisations gives me a unique range of perspective. It means I understand what drives successful change. 

Frontline workers and senior leaders often want the same outcome and to be able to contribute positively to change. They often just require help to be able to translate that desire into action and navigate the architecture of change. That is where my insights can help, translating thought into action and action into meaningful change. 

Starting out working in leadership development, I have spent decades helping organisations and individuals transform.  Beginning my career developing leaders, I have spent many years working with organisations as a consultant and a staff member. I have been a Training Manager, a Trade Union Official, a Change Management Consultant at Accenture and led the Human Resource function in some of New Zealand’s largest organisations including New Zealand Police, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Social Development.

I am an expert and thought leader in Change, Culture, Employee Engagement, Talent Management and Leadership Development.  I have worked in and consulted with some of our most high profile organisations. This broad experience helps me to bring a rich and varied experience to help you and your organisation.

From Executive Coaching to facilitating groups or speaking at conferences, contact me to begin the conversation.

Working in hand with

I have been fortunate to work with an incredible range of organisations and people and I have found that there is no better feeling than working with people who want to make change to their organisations and their lives.

I have built my business around the understanding that most people want to bring their best self to work but sometimes organisational systems just get in the way. If we want to change to happen we need to build capability and capacity at the organisational and individual level to let our employees be their best selves.




“The coaching and mentoring I have received from Alan has been invaluable. My confidence in my own abilities at work has hugely increased and I am now taking on new challenges and excelling in them. I am Looking forward to another year of coaching with Alan and seeing what I accomplish.”

Private Sector HR Business Partner

“I was mentored by Alan over a 2 and a half year period on a regular basis. We would discuss difficult HR scenarios where he gave strategic guidance and supported me in being the one to come up with the solution myself. Alan helped me identify my areas of strength and weakness in the HR field and we built a plan and together by prioritising coaching that was also relevant to the work I was doing on a daily basis. The benefit of this was that I could immediately use our findings and put them into practise. This was amazing as it also helped me retain what I was learning. I genuinely feel that I am in the position I am today thanks to the supportive, genuine and professional mentoring that I got from Alan.”

HR Business Partner

“Alan convincingly with all levels of the organisation.  He’s comfortable with CE’s and DCE’s, and is sought out by senior managers as he can see the organisational and systemic issues and provides good advice on what might be done.”

Public Sector Deputy Secretary